Rather MAKE a movie than watch one?

DWF is thrilled to bring back its highly successful 2-Minute, 2-Step Short Film Challenge! The 7th Annual installment will once again give up to 8 filmmakers 4 hours each to make a 2-minute flick.


Filmmakers will be provided with latest CANON cameras, an “empty space” studio, and an editing suite to help complete the task. Films will be shot during the festival and will screen the following night in front of DWF audiences.


SUBMITTING A SCRIPT: If you would like to submit 2 MINUTE SCRIPT you may do so by FIRST downloading the application here: PDF | Word


  • One completed submission form. Links above.
  • One SCRIPT of the project.
  • Entry Fee - This may be paid either through the paypal links below
    OR by check. Checks must be payable to "Dances With Films"

IF PAYING BY CHECK: Checks must be payable to "Dances With Films" and should be mailed to: Dances With Films 1041 Formosa Bldg., Ste 217, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Please Note: You will receive an email confirmation of entry once we have received your submission and have processed it. If you do not receive a confirmation - please contact DWF.

Entry Fee Payments:


SUBMITTING THRU WITHOUTABOX: If you would like to submit using the withoutabox submission service...CLICK HERE.