Below (and the following pages) are a sampling of the testimonials we've received from recent filmmakers. Because DWF values the people behind the amazing films that DWF has had the honor of presenting over the years and because we continually strive to create the best possible festival experience at Dances With Films... we thought you'd like to hear from them.

It comes down to dreams.

"DWF is a fantastic boutique film festival focusing on FILMMAKERS. We've been in enough fests to know that that is not always the case... Leslee and Michael are more than accessible and will treat you like family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

-Kenneth and James Cran, Director and Producers of THE MILLENNIUM BUG, DWF 2011

"Thanks very much for everything. Out of all the fests we've attended with Transatlantic Coffee, there is no doubt, Dances With Films was the most glorious and memorable event. The show your team puts on is unlike anything we've attended before and it will hold a special place in our hearts for a very, very long time. You all truly care about the filmmakers ….that makes all the difference in the world."

-Erik Peter Carlson, Director/Producer of TRANSATLANTIC COFFEE, DWF 2012

"Participating in Dances With Films literally changed my life. If it weren't for the amazing experience we had in the 2-Minute, 2-Step Competition, it wouldn't have occurred to me to pursue writing or producing as a career. Being in the 2-Minute, 2-Step gave me the confidence to try something new. Our little 2-minute film has gone on to do some great things, and now we can say we're award-winning filmmakers, in talks for TV distribution! Since then, I have gone back to school and written and produced several other films, and even taught myself how to edit. Now I'm directing, writing, editing, and producing a web series, and am really enjoying it. This never would have happened if it hadn't been for the opportunity presented to us by Dances With Films. Thank you so much!"

--Rebecca Norris, Writer/Director/Producer of TOASTED (2 Minute, 2 Step) DWF 2011, 2012

"The industry panels were a big inspiration in the direction of our new feature ASHLAND. We're hoping to use the knowledge we gained to produce a more marketable product while still highlighting the artist vision that drives us as filmmakers."

-Lindy Boustedt, Writer/Director/Producer of THIS IS OURS, DWF 2012

"Dances with Films is the kind of film festival filmmakers dream of. To see our film projected at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood was the kind of dream I never expected to come true. The DWF team fosters a warm, collaborative environment that is rare at film festivals. You will leave the festival seeing great films, meeting talented people, interacting with a couple legends, and knowing that your film is brought into the world with care and pride."

-Ishai Setton, Director of 3 DAYS OF NORMAL, DWF 2012

"Thanks for being one of the best film festivals around."

-Paul Van Zyl, Director/Writer of ELEGY FOR A REVOLUTIONARY, DWF 2012

"Dances With Films was such a great experience. I met so many great people and had such a great time. It was one of my best experiences on the film festival circuit."

-Grant Lyon, Writer/Producer of INTERVIEW DATE, DWF 2012

"Dances with Film is more than a film festival, it is a nurturing community that continues investing in the filmmakers they represent long after the festival has ended."

-Trisha Gum, Director/Writer of LOSING FERGUSON, DWF 2012